Literature Review

Literature Review (2009-012)

Marshall, N., Jarvis, D. H., Lavicza, Z., & Buteau, C. (2012). Do mathematicians integrate Computer Algebra Systems in university teaching? Comparing a literature review to an international survey study. Computers & Education, 58(1), 423-434.

Abstract: In this paper we will discuss the methodology of our comparative study, then illustrate our findings through the following four themes: Issues in CAS integration and mathematical learning, the notion of mathematical literacy, diverse uses of CAS by practitioners, and, benefits to CAS-integration. We conclude with some final remarks summarizing further results of both studies, and discuss the contribution of the literature review to the other four implications of Lavicza’s international survey.

Marshall, N., with Buteau, C., Jarvis, D. H., & Lavicza, Z. (2011). Do mathematicians integrate computer algebra systems (CAS) in university teaching? Comparing a literature review to an international survey study. Poster presentation at the Fields Math Education Forum Annual Research Day Symposium, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Ontario.

Buteau, C., Marshall, N., Jarvis, D. H, & Lavicza, Z. (2010). Integrating Computer Algebra Systems in post-secondary mathematics education: Preliminary results of a literature review. International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, 17(2), 57-68. [Full-text available with permission granted by IJTME]

Abstract: We present results of a literature review (326 papers) regarding the use of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) in tertiary mathematics education. Several themes that have emerged from the review are discussed: diverse uses of CAS, benefits to student learning, issues of integration and mathematics learning, common and innovative usage of CAS, and integration scope in university curricula. Our analysis suggests that, perhaps contrary to popular belief, CAS integration in tertiary mathematics teaching occurs most frequently in courses for mathematics majors as opposed to service courses designed for non-math majors. The types of paper contributions indicate that the  theoretical framework proposed by Lagrange et al. (2003) for literature reviews on technology use in mathematics education needs to be adapted to better address tertiary education, in particular for use in our upcoming comprehensive literature review that will build upon the pilot study review reported herein.